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TryTheFun was a website I launched during January of my freshman year (Around 2011).


I decided to try and learn how to use HTML and CSS during my freshman year in high school. It was a long shot, but after looking through TheNewBoston tutorials and referencing to w3schools for HTML codes, I understood the basics of it.

I discovered Weebly and its potential to make a website to fit my needs.
A quick background story: During my freshman year in High School, I was stuck in 3 elective (semester) courses that had computers in them. I believe they were Engineering Design Parts One and Two, Exploration Technology, and something else. Anyway, those classes became boring very easily. Most of the gaming websites were blocked by the school and other ones weren’t the best websites. So after hearing back from my colleagues that it was a good idea, I took the challenge to make one.

Unfortunately, it took a couple of days to figure out how to implement the games onto the website and get them to work in school. I learned that flash files were unblocked on the school computers. I researched for a couple of hours and learned how to get the flash files for the games and uploaded them to my website. The following day, I went on it, it worked, and TryTheFun Alpha was released.
The entire class praised me for making the website! We kept it quiet and secretly spread it all over the school.

After a few weeks, a good portion of the school new about the website (even people I didn’t know). Luckily, most of them had no idea of who the creator was. Therefore, I never got caught! To this day, thousands of students play on my website. For some reason, it spread all over the nation and for another reason spread overseas to Asian and European countries. It gets over 6,000 views per day and growing! However, I need to keep it up to date (which I haven’t been doing for the past few months).

Some other websites I made are not that popular. They were made as fun little projects for friends.
For example, Decism Page was a website I created for a friend who wanted to create his own religion/set of rules. Decism is a way of life and guide to picking up girls.
Another example was DuckDuckBoost. A few friends of mine tried to make a few bucks by helping me advance in a game called “League of Legends”. The only thing I like about the website was my design elements I put in there. Otherwise, we really never released it and it’s just rotting there.


I tried creating a couple games using Java. So far, Java is probably the most familiar language I know in Computer Science. Otherwise, I am trying to learn other languages to further expand my knowledge.

My games are just simple 2D third person games. You can view my previous post to find out more information on the specifics and story of it. However, I did create this game called “SpaceBall Madness” for my friend’s birthday. It took around a month of learning, coding and fixing bugs to finish it. Otherwise, you can check them out here:

Visit TryTheFun! or Check out SpaceBall Madness!