Spaceball Madness was a game I made during the Summer of 2013 for my friend’s birthday.

How did it start?

I started experimenting with Java Game Development earlier in the year. My first graphic game was for an English project.
We were told to make a presentation that explored a specific theme in the book, ‘Brave New World’. Since it was a half day week, I decided that I had enough time to make a game. After around 9 hours of coding and creating the graphics of the game, I made it. I used LWJGL and Slick 2D frameworks to make the game. In the end, I got a 100 on the project!

So what about Spaceball Madness?

After creating the English Project using Slick 2D, I learned that the support for Slick framework stopped. So I had to find an alternate framework.

I discovered LibGDX after researching good frameworks for Java Game Development. After watching a few tutorials and reading how to use LibGDX, I decided to give it a shot. This was during the month of August of 2013, so I had a lot of free time. My friend’s birthday was also coming up soon. So, I decided to make him a special game.

It was also to test if I was able to create a game using Java. Luckily, I passed! I made a fun little 2D game during the span of a month. I received some criticism from my fellow colleagues that it wasn’t the best (I mean, it’s a 2D Java game made by a High schooler; How good must it be?) but I also received some good comments on it.

I also believe that it was a huge jump from basic text games in Intro to Computer Science class to the Brave New World game to this. If you want to try out the game, download it by clicking the link at the bottom of the page! Otherwise, you can view the source code.

Download the Game! or View the Source code!