So I’ve been pairing up with the East Brunswick Public Library to host League of Legends Tournaments! I am so excited to host the next one, and hopefully more to come!
After talking with the library and the librarians for other reasons, they told me about a League of Legends tournament they wanted to host. I reached out and told them I would help. And since then, I have been helping host their tournaments!

The first tournament went really well during the day of. However, the registration process and contacting was chaotic, as we forgot to ask for contact information. But luckily, we were able to connect with them via the Facebook page and event! During the event, we recieved a warm welcome from the President of the Library, which waas awesome. Afterwards, the chaos began 🙂

I decided to split the teams into different rooms to remove screen looking. It just required more walking around for me to keep track of things. EBTV was there and recorded the event, but I don’t think they made a public video about it… Oh well.There was a 3 minute delay though for spectating. We’re fixing that this tournament.

The winning teams were heavily unbalanced though. They just steamrolled their games to victory. Hopefully, teams are much more prepared this time! But I remember one game, the game with Team Stargate and Team I Eat Pies that was really intense. Check out the brackets here:

This tournament, we’re switching things up.
We are allowing people to bring their own perihperals such as mice, keyboards, and headsets since they were complaining about them a lot. Had to negotiate with Librarian Jess about that though.
We are requiring a tournament fee, mostly because of the food and drinks we have to buy. The prizes are amazing though! Luckily, Riot decided to help us out.
We are allowing spectators this time, so hopefully things won’t get too crowded… I’m worried about that part.
My favorite addition: Shoutcasters! I talked with EBTV’s Producer, Mr. Pagliuco to have shoutcasters for this tournament. I am very excited to see how this plays out!

Other than that, we will have registration forms for both participants and spectators soon! So stay tuned!
OH. And the tournament’s date will be May 9th, from 5:30-9:00 PM